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An appeal - What the Masses Are Not Saying

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Date:January 27th, 2007 11:41 am (UTC)
Wow, way to assume. Do you usually assume that anyone who questions the Democratic Party in any way is a Republican, or at least engaged in some form of self-hatred? Is acceptance of oneself possible only through faith in the Democratic Party?

If it was a political compromise, what did he get for it? A compromise involves each side getting something. How exactly would things have been made worse for gays if he simply vetoed both measures?

Isn't calling it "brokering a political compromise" when a Democrat does it just extending the benefit of the doubt to one party while not extending it to the other? Doesn't a federal law to prohibit one group of people from being able to marry qualify as "flat-out saying that gays are second-class citizens"? A constitutional amendment is worse than DOMA because it's harder to change and all that, but whether people are denied marriage rights by federal law or constitutional amendment, they're pretty much being declared second-class citizens either way, aren't they?
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